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Upgrade System


The upgrade system allows players to enhance the attributes of their in-game items such as weapons, armors, and accessories. The system uses a modal window interface where players can choose which slot and attribute they wish to upgrade.

How It Works

  • Command Activation: The system is activated through a command, !item.
  • Points Requirement: Players need points to upgrade an item. Points are earned automatically upon defeating any monster and are displayed in the modal window.
  • Slot Selection: Players first choose the item slot they want to upgrade (e.g., Weapon, Armor, Helmet, etc.).
  • Attribute Selection: Depending on the item in the chosen slot, players then select the attribute they want to upgrade (e.g., Attack, Defense, Armor, etc.).
  • Upgrade Execution: A random chance determines if the upgrade is successful based on a predefined success rate for each attribute.

Upgradable Attributes

  • Attack: Increases the attack value.
  • Defense: Increases the defense value.
  • Extra Defense: Further boosts the defense.
  • Armor: Increases armor rating.
  • Hit Chance: Increases the probability of landing a hit.
  • Shoot Range: Extends the shooting range.
  • Imbuement Slot: Adds an extra imbuement slot.
  • Wand Damage: Specifically for wands, increases the damage.

Upgradable Attributes and Success Chances

Attribute Name Value Success Chance (%) Points Required
Attack 5 70 2000
Defense 5 70 2000
Extra Defense 5 70 2000
Armor 5 70 2000
Hit Chance 3 50 3000
Shoot Range 1 50 3000
Imbuement Slot 1 50 3000
Wand Damage 100 50 3000


  • Success: If the upgrade is successful, a positive magic effect is shown. Success Effect
  • Failure: If the upgrade fails, a negative magic effect is shown. Failure Effect
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