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Welcome to Ariva Custom 8.6
Last joined us: Bmedgxpxi, player number 59. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Full Afk (Level 334). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to The Ariva ServeR!
Free Houses: 146
Rented Houses: 2
Accounts in database: 51
Players in database: 59
Banned accounts: 0
Guilds in database: 0
28.11.2023 -
Promo Movie

16.1.2022 - Ots 8.6 Season Two. Ots 8.6 Season Two.

16.02.2024 Remember this date, a new custom and extended Ots tibia 8.6 is starting, What makes us different?

On our Ots you will find a lot of new products as well as original scripts and solutions! 
A new and more extensive Improve system, 
New outfits,
 A new FAQ tab with a lot of information,
Virtual map,A Discord channel has been created ( that informs about the appearance of Bos, 
New skills, 
New Places to upgrade your experience, 
Balaaged characters, 
Server reset system per day at 07:00, 
New graphic design of items, 
New monster art, 
New boss art, 
Improved graphics quality, 
New client, 
Exp boost, 




Server Information.  

Custom Client, 

Original scripts,

New and Original Expanded Map,

Task and Daily Quests,

Daily Chest, 

Boss system,

VIP Access,

 New spots for VIP Access, 

Custom Train,

 New and expanded quests, 

Upgraders System,

Last Room,

Boss 6h Upgraders,


 Egg system, when you kill a player in your backpack, eggs appear for which you get levels,

And many new Expanded,Yeti Boss,Crystal Coin Boss,

Much more coming soon! 

  Exp Rate.  

1-50 - 200

51- 100 -100

101-150 - 50

151-200 - 30

201-300 - 10

301 + 5






Full Afk
Level: 334

Turbo Guma
Level: 296

Level: 198

Sir Logan
Level: 178

Level: 167